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Imdb Top 100 Serien

Wir haben die Internet Movie Database (IMDB), die größte Film- und Seriendatenbank der Welt, nach den 30 angesagtesten TV-Serien durchsucht. Die Top 10 bestbewertesten Serien auf Imdb! Wir stellen sie dir kurz vor inklusive Trailer und Streaming-Links. Alle Serien der IMDB Top Rated , die derzeit bei Amazon Prime Video verfügbar sind. Viel Spaß beim Schauen! 17 titles.

Imdb Top 100 Serien Worum geht es in „Chernobyl“?

Für mich und viele anderen ist sie es: Die beste Serie die es je gab. Lange gab es Serien die ich für gleich gut befand, aber jeder dieser Serien. Alle Serien der IMDB Top Rated , die derzeit bei Amazon Prime Video verfügbar sind. Viel Spaß beim Schauen! 17 titles. Wir haben die Internet Movie Database (IMDB), die größte Film- und Seriendatenbank der Welt, nach den 30 angesagtesten TV-Serien durchsucht. Die besten aktuellen Serien in den Seriencharts von Der wöchentliche Überblick über das Ranking der erfolgreichen Serien. Die Top-Serien des IMDb-Rankings im Stream In der IGN TopListe der besten animierten Serien erreichte die Serie den Platz. Diese Serie ist laut IMDb die beste aller Zeiten Bildergalerie · ROLLING STONE hat gewählt: Das sind die besten Serien aller Zeiten. IMDB Top Einträge | 0 Abonnenten. Trailer.

Imdb Top 100 Serien

Alle Serien der IMDB Top Rated , die derzeit bei Amazon Prime Video verfügbar sind. Viel Spaß beim Schauen! 17 titles. IMDB Top Einträge | 0 Abonnenten. Trailer. Für mich und viele anderen ist sie es: Die beste Serie die es je gab. Lange gab es Serien die ich für gleich gut befand, aber jeder dieser Serien. Imdb Top 100 Serien Imdb Top 100 Serien Imdb Top 100 Serien

It features loads of memorable characters, I suspect Lina will be most peoples favourite. Despite the fact this anime is from the 90's it has aged really well.

One of the most fun and zany anime I've seen. What's great about this is that the second season Slayers Next doesn't disappoint, I actually think it's far better.

Do you need an anime with heart pounding action in every episode? If so Planetes is not for you. Do you like anime that aren't much more than sentimental drivel, where the show takes cheap emotional shots by having characters in anguish constantly, those anime that underestimate the intellect of the viewer and try to induce cheap tears.

If however you like anime with deep and reflective messages on life, if you like anime completely out of the norm, if you like well fleshed out characters, a solid story and some flawless voice acting Nonetheless certainly for experienced and adult anime viewers this is an essential watch.

It's slightly different than your regular romance story but in the end it remains a generic shy girl and hot guy fall in love tale.

This anime uses the "misunderstandings" effect a lot, particularly in the second season a method Maison Ikkoku had been using over 25 years earlier , that's not to say Kimi ni Todoke doesn't do it well I'm just pointing out it has been done.

Highly recommended to fans of Maison Ikkoku and vice versa. It's a must for fans of slow paced, misunderstandings romance anime.

Better known as Mirai Nikki, this anime is flawed but for many of us falls under the title of guilty pleasure. Built under the guise of a menacing femme fatale, many are sure to fall for Yuno due to her warped sense of love.

It's got action, romance, comedy, ridiculous characters, some sketchy plot twists and some shaky time travel.

Recommended to fans of Death Note and Elfen Lied. TV 24 min Animation, Comedy, Romance. It's mostly an episodic comedy so there's not much in the way of a deep plot, however many people are sure to enjoy the characters and humour.

Recommended to fans of Fruits Basket and Toradora! That's exactly what this is, surprisingly though it's quiet good. The story is kept as close to the source as possible considering the age of the intended audience.

The most fascinating thing about this adaptation is that the story revolves more around Cosette than Jean Valjean. Recommended highly to fans of Les Miserables who aren't complete purists and are open to adaptations.

This anime is surprisingly good, it's definitely one of my guilty pleasure anime. Let me say this right off the bat, Michiko is one of the hottest, most kickass anime chicks ever.

The story is set in Brazil and tells the tale of a sexy criminal named Michiko who escapes from prison and rescues an abused girl called Hatchin.

This may not be the most thought provoking plot but it was a really solid series. It may have dragged a little in the middle but this series gives off almost a Cowboy Bebop vibe that its real strengths are the characters.

It has fantastic production values, some entertaining action scenes and a good ending. That may be a bit simplistic but it's not too far from the truth.

Elfen Lied has become huge in the medium of anime due to its obvious effort to shock and entertain, for the most part it succeeded in doing that.

The first episode is often widely mentioned as the most violent single episode of any anime in the medium. Be sure to check this out, it's certainly not for kids though.

This puts all the pretenders among the anime horror genre firmly in their mediocre place. It's fantastically stylish and capable of instilling genuine fear into the viewer.

Yes it features a hugely unique art style that casual anime viewers may not like but this isn't a drawback, this series is for those who can appreciate it, at only 12 episodes long you've got no excuses.

It really is a spectacular work of art. A solid anime, the opening episodes are very interesting.

It's about a man who has the life of an assassin thrust upon him. It's very much action oriented but the story is well above average.

I'd recommend this anime for big action fans or someone who wants an anime about assassins. A group of deliquents tossed into a grim disciplinary school in post WW2 Japan, well this anime certainly has a different setting.

That will be welcomed by people sick of the typical school set or future set anime. Rainbow has good visuals, sound and an interesting premise, so why isn't this higher?

Well for an anime that should be all about the characters, there's a surprising lack of character development. This anime is bleak, depressing, action heavy and at times uplifting.

It should have been a character driven masterpiece but in the end Rainbow in effort to appeal to the widest demographic wound up just being a good series.

Recommended to fans of friendship stories. This is unquestionably one of the greatest adventure anime ever made, each episode is utterly fantastic, it really has stood the test of time.

Anybody who enjoys adventure stories should really check this one out, I'd compare it to Studio Ghibli films in the respect that it can be wholly enjoyed by both children and adults.

I'd recommend watching this in Japanese but it's impossible to find subtitled, you'll have little alternative but to watch the English dubs for this one.

If you like dark humour you're in for a treat. It's an unorthodox comedy about a teacher often referred to as Mr.

Despair, he's called that because he's often left suicidal by the harsh and gruesome reality of life. He teaches a class full of strange and unique students.

This anime has great production values and I'd really recommend it if you want a different type of comedy full of quirky characters.

There isn't some great villain that needs to be stopped, no maniacal schoolgirls wielding knives or vampires behind every closed door, no Akage no Anne is a tale of utmost simplicity and all the better for that fact.

It's a joy and wholesome story of a girl making friends, dealing with school and studies etc. It's a masterfully told story, it's among the finest slow paced, slice of life anime.

If the slice of life genre isn't your thing maybe give this a miss. The main draw for me here is the characters, Harlock is a once off, he's magnificent and treated with a fascinating seriousness.

Harlock is a character that many have imitated and reinvented in modern anime, if you wish to see the original, your search is over.

This anime had a big influence on the medium, many since have taken cues from Harlock. The closest thing in anime today to this is One Piece, it evokes a similar feeling.

Recommended highly to fans of old school anime. TV Animation, Comedy, Drama. It's one of those anime with humanoid computers where the boundaries of what's ethical becomes blurred.

It has comedy, romance and fanservice. Personally I think the anime could have been better if the themes were explored more seriously and a little less focus was on the perverted comedy.

It's still a good anime but it could have been great, hence it's placing. This anime adaptation to the classic novel captures all the adventure and whimsy of the source material.

Who could overlook an anime teaming with pirates that include the notorious Long John Silver. The animation is a little dated but everything else about this from the plot, characters and music are top notch.

This was her first work to receive an anime adaptation and considering Rumiko was still testing things out that she would nail on subsequent works, it has to be said Urusei Yatsura is pretty darn good.

It's a silly comedy about a lecherous idiot and an attractive biniki wearing alien. Urusei Yatsura is one of the most influential anime ever made, it's an episodic comedy but it's a enjoyable watch and it has that great 80's feel.

Certainly it has a great soundtrack and a very unique story. There was far too many recaps considering how short the series is and the ending left a little to be desired in my opinion.

A definite work of art and worth watching at least once. TV 25 min Animation, Action, Adventure.

It features characters heads exploding and people being torn apart. Which is a big plus. It's unrefined, action entertainment at its peak. Few long running anime have the balls to kill off big characters.

Samaurai Champloo is an epic action anime with lots of sword action. The characters in this are amazing. Mugen and Jin are beyond badass and Fuu is exceptionally cute.

Over the course of its 12 episodes this romance series manages to keep our interest as separate stories intertwine while it manages to avoid most cliches of the genre.

Personally it's a mixed bag for me, while I enjoyed one storyline, the other bored me. I enjoyed some characters and others felt like deadweight.

However this unconventional romance anime manages to make it on this list through its unique approach and solid visuals.

TV 24 min Animation, Action, Comedy. Some people love Trigun, I would have too if the show hadn't done a complete midway through.

Then around half way through the show they switched the tone, tried to make it serious and in my opinion it didn't work.

I've always felt the ending to be bitterly disappointing however this is just my opinion. A really curious anime, it's not easy to decipher what it's actually about, I believe that it is one of those anime that encourages discussion about the meaning of life.

It does raise some really fascinating questions about death and what comes after, it's executed in a slow paced style. I'd recommend this anime to fans of Mushi-shi.

It's one of the famous school set comedies in recent years, Toradora! I can't exactly pinpoint why but I couldn't become emotionally attached to any of the characters, I found it as an anime to be wholly cliched and stereotypical, it's for these reasons that I found it only to be an okay anime.

I'm sure many people will adore Toradora! It definitely has merit, I just feel it could have been better. Girly anime at its best xD. Okay between all the graphic violence and science fiction it's okay to indulge yourself in something a little less intense.

Kaleido Star tells its story in a formulaic and slow paced method but this isn't a drawback as the sweet tale about a girl trying to realise her dream compliments the measured approach.

It has some very sincere characters, uplifting moments, gorgeous visuals and it exudes a warm feeling. This is an anime for fans of the supernatural genre.

It's one of those anime that has a teenage girl fighting the powers of darkness. This isn't one of my preferred genre but it has quality animation.

Not Rated min Animation, Comedy. It's a 6 episode OVA series. This anime is all about perverted comedy. I'm not really sure how to elaborate further, there's not a whole lot to be said, it's a guys comedy about a college drop out who has a high sex drive and overactive imagination.

I struggled on whether or not to include this, I mean there's not much in the way of a plot or even a solid cast of characters. However the objective of a comedy is to make the viewer laugh, in this respect Golden Boy was successful for me, I did laugh and that's why it's included on the list.

Over the top action and cheese that actually works. Seriously it's an anime where pure outrageous actions and words reign supreme, it's like the producers bottled "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" and then turned it into this anime.

It's an action, adventure, supernatural series that isn't easy to describe, especially when the plot is almost an irrelevance.

I recommend this to people who like action that can never be too big and words that can never be too loud. TV 24 min Animation, Comedy, Family.

Slice of life anime as you've never experienced it, this anime enjoyed a great deal of success and acclaim upon its initial release, personally I've never been quiet as fond of it as others have been.

The fact the episodes aired out of order still bothers me, because although generally episodic there's enough in this series for me to suggest that the best viewing method is chronologically.

I'm basing the inclusion of this anime on the original 14 episode series, before the staff decided to cash in and dilute the quality by making an abundance more of Haruhi, you can have too much of a good thing.

I almost didn't include this anime because the themes it explores are far better done in two similar anime above, Mushi-shi and Natsume Yuujinchou.

However I've come to realise xxxHOLic is a good series in its own right. It's once again a story about a guy that can see spirits etc that are invisible to most people, while it never manages to pull off the profound messages or stunning visuals of the previously mentioned series, xxxHOLiC does achieve a large degree of success in tackling those aspects.

Something xxxHOLiC did was bring more humour to the table than the other anime, that was most welcomed. Recommended to fans of Mushi-shi and Natsume Yuujinchou, just don't expect the same exceptional level on visuals.

If I'm honest the story and tone are light, no question the biggest draw of this anime is the music.

If you're a fan of classical music you'll adore this anime, there was pieces from Beethoven, Mozart, Rachmaninov, Liszt and lots of other famous composers.

The comedy works most of the time and the romance feels sincere, this anime has a lot going for it, it's nothing groundbreaking but certainly a solid series worth watching once.

Highly recommended to fans of classical music. There's action here but I must stress there is no mecha, so if you're not a fan of giant fighting robots then rejoice, this is a space set anime with no giant robots in sight.

This anime is rather slow paced so be sure to watch the subsequent seasons titled Banner of the Stars if you want to fully appreciate this work. I can't deny how successful Clannad has become even if I feel all the praise it gets is largely unjustified.

It's season 2 where it picks up, Clannad: After Story. I personally don't believe it was anything spectacular and the first season is undeniably mediocre.

However Clannad over the course of its two seasons had an abundance of drama, sadness and joy. It was something of an emotional roller coaster and for that reason it's included on this list.

I applaud this anime for its originality and innovation. The art style is visually appealing, the script writing thoroughly engaging.

Fantastic voice acting, a tried and tested narrative involving a samurai style. It's by the same author who wrote Bakemonogatari and while completely different, in my opinion is even more recommendable.

The biggest fault of this series is that it perhaps is slightly too dialogue heavy. Indeed we hear about epic battles in this series but never actually see them.

This anime is 12 episodes long and each episode lasts for roughly 50 minutes. It's 48 episodes of true brilliance, I'm usually not a big fan of romantic comedies but as with everything nothing is absolute and there is always rare exceptions.

KOR is one of these rare exceptions. It has silly characters, hilarious situations, love triangles, misunderstandings and a great 80's feeling which makes it hugely comparable to Maison Ikkoku.

Recommended to those who are daunted with tackling the 96 episodes of Maison Ikkoku, Kimagure Orange Road is similar but not quite as good.

If you enjoy this anime you really should watch the aforementioned masterpiece. After much deliberation I decided to include this title, I struggled with this because while Texhnolyze is certainly an interesting piece of work it's far from entertaining.

The story tells the tale of a boxer who lives in an underground society, he becomes the guinea pig of a mad doctor who replaces some of his limbs with artificial appendages called Texhnolyze.

This is one of the most bleak and depressing anime I've ever seen, it's also so unique that it appeals very much to a minority.

To give you an example some 17 minutes pass in the first episode before a single word is spoken. To complete Texholyze you will require the patience of a saint, the stomach of a goat and the mind of a brilliant lunatic.

It's a mind bending anime that I managed to appreciate. Highly recommended to fans of Serial Experiments Lain. This anime is so utterly unique I almost didn't include it, it's executed in such a meticulous, unorthodox way that it almost entirely alienates the audience.

You will most definitely have to step out of your comfort zone to try and handle this mind bending piece of work. This anime often repeats the events of previous episodes reminds me of how the film Groundhog Day was done , the thing is to be patient.

If you've seen Groundhog Day you'll understand what I mean. You should also be warned that the subs come at you at the speed of light, some very fast talkers in this anime.

Recommended to those who can handle the strange approach and fast subs, I'd only recommend this to highly experienced anime viewers at least anime seen to completion under your belt.

Sign In. Some of the qualifying factors taken into consideration for a series being deemed great are, entertainment value, popularity, lasting appeal, quality of writing, originality and significance to the medium of anime.

Action , Komödie , Drama. Krimi , Drama , Fantasy. Komödie , Krimi , Drama , Mystery , Romanze. TV-Produktion , Drama.

Drama , Thriller. TV-Produktion , Komödie , Romanze. Drama , TV-Produktion. Drama , Horror , TV-Produktion. TV-Produktion , Zeichentrick , Komödie.

Komödie , Krimi. Familie , Western , TV-Produktion. Die Bildrechte liegen bei dem jeweiligen Rechteinhaber und dürfen nicht ohne dessen Zustimmung kopiert werden.

Alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr. Sherlock TV-Produktion. Dexter TV-Produktion. Haus des Geldes Action , Krimi , Mystery. Breaking Bad TV-Produktion.

Doku-Drama Wissenschaftlicher Dokumentarserie Investigativer Dokumentarserie Politische Dokumentation 9.

Sozialstudie 5. Ereignisdokumentation 6. Naturdokumentation Tierserie Making-Of-Dokumentation 1. Kulturserie 9. Reisedokumentation 9.

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Imdb Top 100 Serien - Die besten Netflix-Serien

Yonkers Mayor Nick Wasicsko takes office in and has to deal with the serious subject of the building of public housing in the white, middle class side of the town. Das Endeavour Episodenguide findest Du hier. Es können also schon Stunden bei der Suche nach den passenden Inhalten draufgehen. Netflix ist bekannt für sein scheinbar unendliches Serien-Angebot. In Folge eines gescheiterten Versuchs, ihre Mutter mithilfe von Alchemie wieder zum Leben zu erwecken, bleiben die beiden Brüder Edward und Alphonse entstellt zurück. Gemeinsam bestreiten die beiden täglich neue Abenteuer — ganz zum Missfallen von Mortys Eltern, die Cinestar Recklinghausen Rick eher einen potenziellen Störenfried sehen. Das Ranking der besten Serien in den Seriencharts von Serienjunkies. Aktuelle Gutscheine, Angebote We All Fall Down Rabatte. Viele User teilen sich einen Account bei Netflix, um Geld zu sparen.

Imdb Top 100 Serien Platz 29: Criminal Minds Video

Top 10 Best Tv Series Of All Time (IMDB Rated) It's still a good anime but it could have been great, hence it's placing. Spacecenter Babylon 5 TV-Produktion. I'd recommend this anime for big action fans or someone Champions League übertragung Tv wants an anime about assassins. Certainly one Staffelliste anime that falls under the genre of "must Joanna Cassidy, it's a solid series and you won't regret watching this. It managed to turn a big time action and science fiction fan like me into a believer that there is great romance series out there. Action, aventure, drame et historique. As stated previously, this Gloria Schmelz a list for series only! Was Biggie And Tupac wirklich gute Filme auf Netflix? Social Distance: Review der 1. Netflix ist bekannt für sein scheinbar unendliches Serien-Angebot. Die wichtigsten Daten zu IMDb:. Prev Next. Enterprise-D on their own mission to go where no one has gone before. Projekte und Produktmanagement. Sherlock pic. Serien Charts Platz 11 bis Sie können Objekte transformieren und nennen sich selbst Alchemisten. Kommentare Kommentar verfassen. Have La Boum Musik exploring! Du möchtest mehr Luke Hobbs die Top Ten Serien?

Imdb Top 100 Serien 9,7! Diese Serie ist laut IMDb die beste aller Zeiten

Die besten Serien auf Netflix: Fargo deutscher Trailer. Neuerscheinungen in der Übersicht. Auszeichnungen: Die Serie wurde bisher noch nicht für bedeutende Auszeichnungen nominiert. Drei Geschichten wurden pro Staffel ins heutige London verlegt und jeweils auf Spielfilmlänge gebracht. Das Beste von Mediathek Pro7 Staffel 1 [adult swim]. Denn diese zehn Serien sollten Sie auf jeden Fall gesehen haben. Auch in der nächsten Woche gibt es wieder eine neue spannende Auswertung der Seriencharts. Spiegellose Systemkamera mit Kleinbildsensor. Their lives intertwine as a Boy Scout Deutsch event Quotenqueen be prevented. Die Top 10 bestbewertesten Serien auf Imdb! Wir stellen sie dir kurz vor inklusive Trailer und Streaming-Links. Wir verraten Ihnen, welche Serien auf IMDb die besten Bewertungen erhalten haben. In über Archiven aus 17 Ländern suchten die französischen Gemeinsam bestreiten die beiden täglich neue Abenteuer – ganz. imdb top serienimdb top serien. August 4, |In marlene dietrich letzter auftritt. |By. His Level-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs​.

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